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Cannabis Summer Safety

We all love using cannabis products (well, at least those of us who've made it to this site). An essential part of being a responsible cannabis consumer is safety, so we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to use products in a safe and responsible manor. HEAT is real and it will knock you on your behind if you're not careful. Remember that even if you're in water or in the shade, the heat will cause your body to "act in mysterious ways" (cue music). Hydration is key when it comes to the dry, high-altitude climate we live in. Always drink enough water throughout the day and ALWAYS when consuming cannabis, alcohol, or any other chemistry-altering products. It's a hot one as we prepare for this year's 4th of July extravaganzas so we just wanted to take a minute of our time to ensure our friends and family are safe, comfortable, and enjoying every moment of this beautiful Colorado weather. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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