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Cannabis Reformation

Medical Marijuana Caregiver Programs (Benefits) in 2019

We remember it like it was yesterday. Medical marijuana patients would hand over their rights to grow cannabis plants as a sacrifice so that their favorite shops to grow Medical cannabis for all their friends and family. It was honorable, courageous, and a great way to make a quick buck. And it was this last reason why the program was such a success. Yup, that’s right! Patients were given a monthly or yearly stipend to spend at their favorite dispensaries and this kept them signing over their plants for a chance to snag an ounce at unreasonably low costs. And it worked great. Dispensaries could finally grow the plants they needed to help their communities, and patients visited once-a-month to get their free goods. But Colorado laws recently changed and with this change came a lot of strife and discontentment.

Medical cannabis grows can finally plant as many seeds as they can sow without the need for stopping patients from growing their own. With this change, however, most dispensaries cut the fat of spending thousands of dollars a month on frivolous caregiver programs. The unfortunate truth is that most medical marijuana patients were using this program solely for the free money and not because they cared about that cultivators. We know that this doesn’t apply to everyone and we saw firsthand just how upset those patients were to hear about the recent legal reformation.

We sat, long and hard, thinking over all of our options and watching all of our competitors do away with these programs. We also saw that we couldn’t possibly afford to pay each patient $75/month for no reason. It was for these reasons that we said, “LET THEM RECEIVE BENEFITS!” and we decided to honor our community with continuing this program. We want our loyal customers to be able to get the medicine they need because we know a number of them can’t afford it all on their own. So we crunched the numbers and found a compromise that we hope everyone will enjoy. We now offer $30/month to each Medical patient who needs the money to supply themselves with their medicine. We know that it is risky to give money away when we don’t get anything back, but we love our customers and we want to see them happy and healthy!

There is no saying exactly where the Medical marijuana industry is heading with so many recreational companies offering products for cheaper and of higher quality than on Medical. There’s really no saying that Medical marijuana will exist the way we remember it, but we know people need our help and we want to do everything we can to give it to them.

Thank you for all of your support over the years,

Sincerely, -Your Friendly Billo Staff-


For more information on the Colorado Cannabis Law Reformation, here is a great article from our good friends at the Denver Westword, outlining the issue in more detail.

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